Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Wonderful World Around Us

Between yesterday, last night, and today,
I think I have been to heaven.
In real life this plant is so perfect-it looks fake.
It's really shiny to where it looks like plastic.
Last night was AMAZING-the sunset was breath taking.

Jinksy-I post so many pictures of him,
so I'm going to do a post inside a post right here.
He is a breed that I have never heard of-it's Bombay.
He is all black except for this really small white patch on his chest.
He is basically a walking, meowing, piece of satin.
Jinks (what we call him for short) has a curly tail, it's so cute.
We won't let him leave the house cause we just can't risk him getting hurt.
These are sugar coated walnuts - yummo. I ate about half of them today .
I need an endless bowl of them and it still wouldn't be enough.


Dogwood said...

I am loving your new banner. It is great along with your photo shots. Keep them coming for us in blogland to enjoy. Dogwood

Dianna said...

Love the picture of Jinksy laying his head on the pillow. Great pics, as always, Aaron.

Julie said...

Awesome! You continue to keep capturing fantastic pictures of everyday things. It really brings them into a new light for the beholder. And your writing is so good. It tells the reader a lot about you and what gives you simple pleasures out of LIFE!
That sunset IS glorious - does seem like Heaven! And Jinks...well, you could post about him everyday and noone would get tired of it.

Lorilee said...

Love the Olympus camera in your banner! I use an Olympus! The flower is awesome. What is it?

KK said...

Ha, Jinksy has this look on his face in the first photo like, "Dude, what the heck is up with all these photos? I know I'm awesome, but seriously..."

And if the rest of your walnuts mysteriously, um... disappear in the middle of the night... it wasn't me. *whistle*

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Hey Nubby! I'm finally getting around to commenting on your blog - so sorry it's taken me this long. Isn't Jinksy the most fabulous piece of flab you've ever seen. Love that black and white pic of him. Love your love of life. Love you. Love that you have your OWN camera now!!!!! : < >