Monday, July 19, 2010

The Simple Things

These are the simple things,
the things around us everyday.
The dish of apple crisp with ice cream,
I love the contrast between the warm crisp, and the cold ice cream.
These have to be the best apples I have ever tasted.
They are Transparent heirloom apples,
you have to get on a waiting list just to get some!
Marmie writing her list for the day,
she calls it a list - more like a book.
I love this button, "We Are The Chicken Experts'' from KFC,
(its vintage from Tennessee.)
The pens and pencils, sitting by the phone, waiting to write a message.
Nelson (Kayla's dog) drooling over his bacon treats.
The fence, I hate those hard shinny plastic fences.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

While I Was Gone

First off, I'm so sorry for being gone so long.
I have been SUPER busy.

Okay- alot has happened, I got my new camera the Nikon COOLPIX L110 which is because...
I am shooting my very first wedding. The bride was wondering if I would shoot her wedding for the camera I wanted.
I said sure and signed the contract.
Its finally hitting me that I'm fourteen, and, shooting a wedding.
I am so excited.

Wii Fit time (have to stay fit for gymnastics.)
I have no idea what kind of bug this is, but I think it is so cool.
It was just sitting perfectly still on the camper door.

Kayla's Photoshot

I did a photoshoot with one of my friends Kayla to practice for the wedding,
you could say she is an "avant garde" farm girl.
I have an all new look (the photo above is before and below is after)
I cut it myself and went a little bit darker than my natural color.
I love these sunglasses, only five bucks at Old Navy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

New post in a little bit;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sorry I have not posted in along time I will be back soon. Sorry:~(