Friday, June 11, 2010

What a Relaxing Week

Mia is here again, YAY!!
She is back and we went camping at The Dunes.
Before we went, I gave her some highlights
Little Jinksy, I just want to be engulfed by his warmth and softness.
His daily schedule-sleep, eat, sleep.
Marmie, as always outside working,
getting all the plants in the ground. so we have been on this odd roll of getting the plants, and the getting them in on the same day. It's wonderful.
And basically me being Marmie's shadow, I was working in my garden.


Deb said...

You do highlights? Can you do some for me? I could also use your hands in gardening too! ;)

Julie said...

Great and very educating post, Aaron. You are full of surprises! YOU gave the highlights??? Kudos Dude! I say a man can never know how to do TOO many things. Always keep on learning new stuff and new things til you're 90+. You're never too old to learn one more new thing!
Aaron the gardener...sounds like a good future post !

Linda said...

Aren't you the versatile one?? Photography, gardening, cooking and hairlights?? We won't mention your great sense of humor or how very cute you are. You're just too much Aaron but I love it. Let's hear about that camping trip soon..

Joycee said...

Multi-talented...will be good resume material in time!

KK said...

The shot of your hand is crazy/awesome!

Kim said...

you are one talented young man... can take awesome photos.. AND you can do hair???

Lucky is the gal that finds herself married to you some day...

Dianna said...

Love the picture of Marmie! And way to go with doing the highlights! I should have come to you a month ago!