Friday, May 28, 2010

Discombobulation, Road Trips, and Big Blue Pools

Sorry I have not posted in a long time,
this post is all about it.
Okay, this right here, that's my ''really'' face.
This whole week I have been confused.
What day is it, what was I supposed to do, and then I have had swimmer's ear that spread into a fever, blah blah blah, long story.
Well, having the ear infection kept me up all night and I could not do school.
(kind of a good thing)

Plus I have been so busy and i went back and forth about even having a blog

Road trips - we just went to Tennessee a little bit ago, it was my first time going.
I love Tennessee, it's so peaceful. I felt as if I were home, which I basically was.
On our way down there I spotted this bridge that formed an A and my name is Aaron.
I just love this picture.

While we were on our way down there, I asked if we could stop at Starbucks. I was on a coffee withdrawal. Then Marmie turns around, well, I will say no more - just watch for yourself.

She was just kidding

Well knowing how much Marmie and my Mom love Starbucks, we just had to get some.
Then we got back, and back to our normal routines.
Marmie would give the girls their food and water and I would feed the cats.
I love the life I have, and lately I have been thinking about how good I have it.
Most kids don't get to have a Marmie - well my Marmie is my Marmie.
And then my Mom that works everyday, comes home to housework.
And Uncle Glen - he works not just cause he has to, but so Marmie can homeschool me and she does not have to work.
I love, love, love you all, thanks for all you do.

Dun Dun Dun, its the Big Blue Plastic Pool.
We have been wondering what to do with it, should we paint it, grow some plants around it.
We have no idea if you do please let us know.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Photos

These are all photos that I randomly went about the house and took.
Hope you enjoy!!
When I went to go get this photo of Jinksy, I put my finger in front of the flash.
So that the light would go through the my finger, causing a red flash.
(Almost Like putting your finger on a flash-light.)
Once I saw these in bloom I just knew I just knew I had to get a few snap shots.
I love all the little water droplets.
This is Marmie's old, old, old camera. I am in love with old cameras.
They have so much history, just think of all the smiles it has captured.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I will always remember this bell, right next to the back door.
It lets Uncle Glen know when dinner is ready, if he is outside.
The mailbox - we all have one.
I just like this angle.
The stop sign (that Marmie almost missed.)
I really love the way red contrasts the green
I took some aluminum foil, crumpled it up, and turned on flash.
To me it looks really cool.

Sorry I have not blogged in awhile.
I never knew how much time a blog could take out of the day (plus I still have school and a daily life.) Wherever Marmie goes I go, wherever my mom goes I go, and wherever I go, I go.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun with Photos

This is, Fun with Photos.
I changed the contrast, brightness and a bit of everything on iphoto.
Marmie and I were shopping at Alsips (a true photographer always has a camera with them)
When I came across this gorgeous hanging basket and I just had to get a snap shot.

This, is a really old head stone.
I loved the way the moss had slowly dissipated into the background.
I don't know why I love this.
It must be one of those artsy things.

I took a photo of Jinksy, the softest and most silkiest cat ever.
When I was down at his level I had a plan.
If I used flash it would make a glare well it did and I was happy,
because if I added more contrast. He would look like he had a light gray face.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Macro Mania

This, is Macro Mania.
It could be macro or super macro.
Which ever one, the background is still a blur.
This one is super macro.
I love it because your eye is still drawn to the main object.
But you still wonder into the background.
Say hello to macro,
macro still lets you zoom in instead of getting really close to the object.
Super macro view up.
I love this photo,
no I adore it.
This is super macro at a sharp angle,
macro and super macro are very universal.
I hope you enjoy.

PS. I do edit some of my photos but nothing like photoshop.
I use Mac's basic iphoto adjusting tools.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vivid Color

Vivid colors, we are surrounded in them every day.
The big blue sky, flowers, even school buses.
Brilliant blue, a cool calming color.
I absolutely adore this photo.
The way the little green leaves contrast the blue.
Pink or Purple, I have no idea but I love it.
This was a very hard photo to take because with me hovering over it,
it kept casting a shadow.

Rolling away blue, I'm speechless - this is the first sign that
summer is just around the corner.