Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I will always remember this bell, right next to the back door.
It lets Uncle Glen know when dinner is ready, if he is outside.
The mailbox - we all have one.
I just like this angle.
The stop sign (that Marmie almost missed.)
I really love the way red contrasts the green
I took some aluminum foil, crumpled it up, and turned on flash.
To me it looks really cool.

Sorry I have not blogged in awhile.
I never knew how much time a blog could take out of the day (plus I still have school and a daily life.) Wherever Marmie goes I go, wherever my mom goes I go, and wherever I go, I go.


Linda said...

Aaron, whomever you're going with, just keep taking all the beautiful pic's that you take. I love the bell but the foil is really different. Try to stay in touch at least once a week if possible.

Deb said...

I'd be on the go with those gals too if I had the chance! I love your photos and all the different ideas you have for taking them. Keep up the good work!

KK said...

All so cool, but the foil is really great. I looks like some kind of fractured digital art. Keep it up!

Joycee said...

Great shots and as always your perspective is verrrry interesting!

Julie said...

Metal...interesting...a different viewpoint from the camera's closeup features... cool!

Cindy said...

Your photos are stunning!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

When did you crumple up foil and take a picture? Did you save it? You know I can use it again, right? Landsakes child, don't be wasting foil. :<> Just joking you bubbie, you know I wouldn't squelch your creativity fer nothin'. Now, may I PLEASE use my camera tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

Our neighbors have a bell too and when they ring it it's generally when Hubby is trying to take a nap and so it's a big Grrrrr in our life.

Great photos!
Especially the mail box!

Spring Lake Farm said...

I love the mailbox photo! The sky is just beautiful.