Friday, May 28, 2010

Discombobulation, Road Trips, and Big Blue Pools

Sorry I have not posted in a long time,
this post is all about it.
Okay, this right here, that's my ''really'' face.
This whole week I have been confused.
What day is it, what was I supposed to do, and then I have had swimmer's ear that spread into a fever, blah blah blah, long story.
Well, having the ear infection kept me up all night and I could not do school.
(kind of a good thing)

Plus I have been so busy and i went back and forth about even having a blog

Road trips - we just went to Tennessee a little bit ago, it was my first time going.
I love Tennessee, it's so peaceful. I felt as if I were home, which I basically was.
On our way down there I spotted this bridge that formed an A and my name is Aaron.
I just love this picture.

While we were on our way down there, I asked if we could stop at Starbucks. I was on a coffee withdrawal. Then Marmie turns around, well, I will say no more - just watch for yourself.

She was just kidding

Well knowing how much Marmie and my Mom love Starbucks, we just had to get some.
Then we got back, and back to our normal routines.
Marmie would give the girls their food and water and I would feed the cats.
I love the life I have, and lately I have been thinking about how good I have it.
Most kids don't get to have a Marmie - well my Marmie is my Marmie.
And then my Mom that works everyday, comes home to housework.
And Uncle Glen - he works not just cause he has to, but so Marmie can homeschool me and she does not have to work.
I love, love, love you all, thanks for all you do.

Dun Dun Dun, its the Big Blue Plastic Pool.
We have been wondering what to do with it, should we paint it, grow some plants around it.
We have no idea if you do please let us know.


Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Landsakes Aaron! I can't believe you posted the alien swimming pool before I got it cleaned up and filled at least! Oh well - what'cha gonna do? I'm the lucky one - to have you.

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Oh, and that picture of the asphalt? Is that when I saw you in front of the house laying in the road with my camera? Oh man, I can't wait til you get your own camera......

Deb said...

I love that asphalt picture. Marmie's voice was a little off in that video - hilarious!

Julie said...

Aaron! you're back...what an eclectic it...with my eclectic self... well Jayme said in her post she had lost her voice and now I know...she wasn't kidding! I laughed..hahahahaha. I'm glad you noted she was just kidding! lol - those road trips can get kind of long some time and you never know if someone is gonna get insane or bipolar and come after you right over the front seat... (maniacal laughter)
Hmmm. I am waiting to see all the suggestions for the blue pool. ..and wow you were awful close to the road on that one pic. Your photo work needs some kind of insurance coverage me thinks...
hope your ears are better~

NetRaptor said...

Re: the pool. Why, plants in boxes, of course! We had that same kind of pool, and we always splashed gallons of water out of it. Plants in boxes would be both portable, and would catch some of the overflow, so you'd never have to water them. Win/win!

Anonymous said...

oh Aaron I have loved your pictures but now I love your writing as much as I love your aunts writing. You are certainly headed in the right direction young man. You are one lucky boy and by your writing I know you already know that. How lucky your Marmie is to be able to help to raise such a fine young man and your mom has done one terrific job. Your tribute to them and your Uncle Glen well boy that would bring tears to anyones eyes like it just did to mine. You not only have a wonderful life you are a wonderful young man. Keep up the good work you are going places my dear. nancy settel

Dianna said...

Loved your post today, Aaron. It is always so refreshing to have young people such as yourself being appreciative of the people in their lives.

Linda said...

How very wonderful Aaron with your warm, loving "thanks".
I thought Marmie was going to paint the pool? Be careful with flowers around the pool if she uses chlorine as it WILL KILL your plants. Been there, done that! I think paint it, sit some cutesy lawn furniture around it and be done. Yeah, paint it in between all the other thousands of things she's doing.

Dogwood said...

Aaron~I am so sorry that you have been not feel well with your darn swimmers ear. Ouch.

The pool. Don't know what to say. Maybe it would be cute with flowers painted up the sides to tone down that bright blue. Does the pool get used during the summer. Does it get hot where you live?

It was nice to read your sweet words about your family especially you mom, aunt and uncle. They all LOVE you lots.

Enjoy a fun weekend.


Joycee said...

You do have it good Kiddo! When you know that at 14, you are ahead of the pack Mr. A! Love, love the possessed voice of laryngitis Marmie...yeah she pretends to be all nice but we know there has to be a few cracks to her persona!!! The big blue pool may take some thinking, hard to pretty up plastic but you guys can do it! Don't give up blogging, you are so good already. When you feel like it's too much, just know we are waiting patiently for your next post and pictures!

Kim said...

Aaron... you have a gift young man.. please don't give up blogging and sharing your photos... you really have a keen sense and it shows...

cheryl said...

I met your Marmie tonight...and you're right. She's everything you say she is...and MORE!!

And I LOVE your new background!! It's so professional!!

As for the blue pool. I'm not sure about that. I'd just get in it a swim like the dickens!! :)