Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fav Photos

I'm back its, been forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are my favorite photos.
Marmie and I at Tastee Top.
This photo is hot off the press taken today by Mrs. Cheryl,
after our lovely bike ride toTastee Top. (You don't realize how hilly your town is until you ride your bike down the road.)
I adore this photo, it is seriously my all time favorite!

My bike - pre-adventure to Tastee Top.

My favorite hat.

A very cute old man sleeping at the Fair.

I hope you have enjoyed your stop.
To see the world through my eyes!


Laura said...

welcome back! i missed your gorgeous photos! :)

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Really really great Nubs. Really great. You are getting such an eye. Well, you have an eye, but it's gettin' better. Well, actually you have two eyes. Silly me.

cheryl said...

That top one top's 'em all!! I love how you love your Marmie!!

And aren'cha glad we pulled over for that corregated tin?? Beautiful how it matches the sky today! But then we had to ride like the wind to catch up with Marmie!!

Great pictures Mr. Photog! Loved meeting you!

Suzy said...

ARRON...where have you been?
I've missed your great photos!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

All so great but that feed mill is my fav ~ just beautiful!
BTW - I think I have a problem... I've never met you, but last night while eating outta a bag of chocolate chips, I swear I heard your voice... You asked "Are you hungry, or are you eating that cause you want it?"
I'm clearly reading waaaay too much over at Coop Keeper.
Hope your return to schoolin' is fun! Bet that teacher is tough! ;-P

debbie said...

The photo of the sleeping man at the Fair is awesome!

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