Monday, July 19, 2010

The Simple Things

These are the simple things,
the things around us everyday.
The dish of apple crisp with ice cream,
I love the contrast between the warm crisp, and the cold ice cream.
These have to be the best apples I have ever tasted.
They are Transparent heirloom apples,
you have to get on a waiting list just to get some!
Marmie writing her list for the day,
she calls it a list - more like a book.
I love this button, "We Are The Chicken Experts'' from KFC,
(its vintage from Tennessee.)
The pens and pencils, sitting by the phone, waiting to write a message.
Nelson (Kayla's dog) drooling over his bacon treats.
The fence, I hate those hard shinny plastic fences.


Deb said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful! Your perspectives are amazing.

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Aaron, I LOVE that fence picture! Love it! And wasn't that the best apple crisp eva!?

Julie said...

GREAT POST! GREAT PICS! the fence comment? me too!
Can I have some of that apple crisp??? Maybe the recipe?
Enjoyed it.

cindy the cottage chick said...

Hey...I see'd my name on that list of Marmie's! That reminds me I need to check my calendar and get back to her about coming for a visit....

Totally rockin' shots as usual. Kayla's dog CRACKED. ME. UP. doesn't Marmie drool over bacon too?

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures Aaron, made me want to go and make an apple crisp right now!!! Young man you are on your way!!!! what a grand future you have. nancy settel

KK said...

Lovin' the pen/pencil shot and the "list" photo, but drooling over the apple crisp!

Sparky said...

I so agree with you about those 'shiny plastic fences.' I hate 'em. I really like your picture of the weatherbeaten wood fence, showing its age and experience.

Suzy said...

Great photos as usual.You need to post more often and share the enjoyment!

Natalie said...

hey.!awesomeee pictures.i always wanted to get into photography but i definitely don't have the camera for it.i took journalism last year at school and i was planning on taking photography this year but i didn't..who knows why. :/ anyways.bravo.! :)

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